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Our innovative solutions are carefully and strategically crafted to fit the specific requirements of the clients and we work in partnership with the clients to offer the best online solutions to bring their business to the next level.

“rfactory.com” is a well-established award-winning software designing/development & digital marketing company based in Colombo Sri Lanka. We integrate the creativity, proven software development strategies and the cutting edge technologies to increase your sales opportunities through integrated digital marketing and Augmented reality marketing strategies.

Customized Software Solutions

Every Business requires tailored software and we’ve got one just for you!

Augmented Reality Solutions

Nowadays The Augmented reality is additive, overlaying digital content into the real world.

Mobile Application Solutions

The development of mobile apps means creating computer programs for use on mobile devices.

Customer attraction and retention with lattest technologies

As a trend almost every business owner has brought their business into an online platform to reach as much as possible customers. How can you outsmart the majority of the business owners and attract more new customers to your business?

Well, with us we can bring your product into an augmented real world. The benefit is interesting for both the business owner and the customer. It can say like a fit-on before buy. If you enable your product into augmented reality with us, you can enter the 1% of the business owners using this technology. And your potential new user will have the comfort of observing and feeling the product or understand well your service by seeing through the augmented view in 3D This can guarantee customer satisfaction and the gain of new buyers. So will you enter the 1% of the business world?


Our developers and software engineers are dedicated to ensuring that your business gets the best service in the industry!

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has come a long way from a science-fiction concept to a science-based reality. Nowadays Augmented Reality is even available on the mobile handset.

Virtual Reality

Does your business have the need of engaging more customers and maintain a consistency? If so talk with our team to find out what can be improved in your business by incorporating virtual reality.

Mix Reality

Need to take your business to an extra mile with all the possible technologies in new decade? Try and find out how mix reality would favor your business.

Game Development

Are you an individual or a company with an idea for a game but lacks the skills to perfect it? Contact us to discuss about your valuable idea.

Cloud Application Development

You got the everyday business problems and seems like the routine work piling up? Maybe you should consider about developing a cloud application which is faster to develop and smaller in size, just perfect to sole your everyday business problems or to automate the boring routine work.Web and Mobile Application

Mobile Application Development

You might have a great website for your business but have you taken the maximum use of internet and the available digital devices? Expand your exposure and even earn little bit extra passive income by developing a branded mobile application. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

Why choose us?

It's your right to have some good reasoning to make your decision on why choose us rather than many other IT companies out there. So read on!

Use Latest Technologies

As a software engineering company, we keep up with the new trends and the latest technologies. We find a way to incorporate the new technologies to or customers need so they benefit it in long-run.

Life-time support

We just don't guarantee our service for a time period, but we do support you in technical issues with the final product we have given to you. So the customer can be rest assured when something is out of order.

Unique and Energetic

As a set of young entrepreneurs we work our best to fulfill customer satisfaction by developing outstanding end-products. We are unique and energetic to keep up with the emerging trends. And we di research on how to incorporate new technologies in to our customized developments

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W-Chat App Launch

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Android Meetup

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Distrupt Asia Exhibition

Distrupt Asia Exhibition


Augmented Reality with R-Factory

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. There are so many projects available on this video related to AR and those are already live on. R-factory is one of the rising Sri-Lankan companies to build an amazing product worldwide. It can be confirmed to anyone after watching this video

Our Portfolio

Meet the young entrepreneurs who work passionately to develop the end-product you are in-need of to reach your business success.

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Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

AR base Treasure hunt is allowing the overlay of virtual elements over a real world location, which can be perceived using digital devices like smartphones. AR treasure hunt can be used to create a sequence of clues and can be spread over larger areas.

Our CLients

We believe the best proof of our credibility is the success stories we have with our clients. Take a look an decide whether you need our service, and to be a part of this network of clients.

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